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Not going broke with a full house

Jonathan Little

The World Series of Poker is right around the corner, so today I am going to share with you a hand from the WSOP two years ago where I managed to not go broke with the second nut full house. When you find yourself in a situation on the river (where the vast majority of amateur players play in a blatantly straightforward manner) where you face a polarizing bet, meaning your opponent either has the nuts or nothing, conserving your stack is of the utmost importance, even when you have a premium hand. …

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Playing junk against calling stations

valuetownOne of my students recently played this hand that illustrates a key concept that you must master if you want to succeed at no-limit hold’em. With blinds at 50/100 with 20,000 effective stacks early in a $500 buy-in tournament, a player who is known to be a loose, splashy calling station raised to 300. My student called on the button with 7s-6s. The blinds folded. …

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#1 Tip for Small Stakes Players from Top Pros

I just completed the manuscript for my upcoming book Mastering Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em and I am proud to say that it is full of actionable advice for small stakes players looking to move to the middle stakes. This got me thinking about what other top pros would suggest, so I asked them. Some of these pros are well-known household names while others are lesser-known, but are who I turn to when I want to study poker. Here are their replies, with my commentary below in italics:

Daniel Negreanu: Find a group of players whose game you respect and discuss hands with them, especially those already playing the stakes you want to be playing. …

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Don’t be a pushover

jacksThe following hand illustrates a common leak that many amateur players have in their poker strategy. When they face the least bit of resistance, they fold all but their best hands. With blinds at 250/500-75 with 25,000 effective stacks in a $500 buy-in tournament, the cutoff raised to 1,200 and our Hero in this hand reraised to 3,000 with Jh-Jd on the button. Only the cutoff called. …

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Multi-way Pots

multiway-pokerIn small stakes games, it is not uncommon to face opponents who think it is a good idea to limp in with a wide range of marginal hands. While this is almost certainly an indication that you are in a profitable game (because limping in is usually the sign of a weak player), you must be careful to not fall into the trap of overvaluing your marginal made hands once numerous players see the flop. …

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