FloatTheTurn.com Push/Fold App, Quiz, and Range Analyzer

Hello everyone,

We have been working hard to develop lots of cool, free tools for you to use over at FloatTheTurn.com. Check out these three video walkthroughs of my favorites.

FloatTheTurn.com Push/Fold App

FloatTheTurn.com Push/Fold Quiz

FloatTheTurn.com Range Analyzer

In addition to these tools, FloatTheTurn members get instant access to over 1,000 training videos and monthly Q &A webinars, all for only $10 each month. If you want to take your game to the next level, check it out. 

1 thought on “FloatTheTurn.com Push/Fold App, Quiz, and Range Analyzer”

  1. Hi Jonathan!

    Thanks for these instructional videos. The Range Analyzer video was especially awesome. I wouldn’t mind seeing another analysis like this; I like seeing how you decide to make adjustments and why….only if you have the time and inclination of course. And if not, I can definitely replay this one as many times as I need until I fully grok it.

    On a side note: James is soooooooo cute. I love all the vids and pics you are sharing of him. Thank you! Congrats to you and Amie!!!!

    Take care,

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