My Pokerography Episode – Now FREE!

Thanks to a generous gift from PokerGo, you can now watch my entire Pokerography episode for free!

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8 thoughts on “My Pokerography Episode – Now FREE!”

  1. Wow, tremendous video bio; love the bared soul back to childhood and your parents wonderful perspectives . . . and of course how about that Spock-like parallel universe beard from your youth, where’s that been?

    Your & Inner-Circle training have, and continue, to completely transform how I think and execute in the game. Thank you.

  2. Great story. Had special enterest, like your dad im a lineman myself and know how proud your dad is of your accomplishments. As in poker, being a lineman takes commitment, focus and making the right decisions. But unlike poker you dont take risks. Im going to buy your books and study. Unfortunately i work ALL the time, the family says too much, so i havent spent a lot of time on the tables. Ive only been playing here and there for a year but ive finally stated making money, cashing in racks. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Such a beautiful video, Jonathan! Well done on all of your accomplishments. What a story! It was interesting seeing your parents side of things too from the vid 🙂

  4. Hi Jonathan

    I’m a Big Fan and student of your Knowlege
    From Portugal, Do u know where it is?


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