WPH #286: Triple Barrel Bluff WINS $2,400 Pot with 75o!

In this hand from bestbet_jax, George gets a bit out-of-line and squeezes with 75o. The aggression didn’t stop there, and he continues with the triple barrel bluff! Would you have ever called on the river?

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1 thought on “WPH #286: Triple Barrel Bluff WINS $2,400 Pot with 75o!”

  1. I think George is using the small flop and turn bets to test Frank. He thinks Frank would check raise strong hands and call with marginal hands and draws. He probably figured Frank is a weak enough player that would play this blatantly straight-forward. When facing two check/calls, George figured he had the green light to blast the river. Given Frank’s weak premature fold, George made a very nice read.

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