Would you rather have $500 15 years ago or $10,000 today?

I recently asked on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook if you would rather have $500 to play poker with 15 years ago or $10,000 today. Here is my answer:

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3 thoughts on “Would you rather have $500 15 years ago or $10,000 today?”

  1. Avatar

    Love this debate! Im one of the ones thst dont want to spend so much time playing poker, so I would choose the second one! What do you think about businessmen that have a huge bankroll and study poker (lets say 10h per week). Do you think they can develope a profitable strategy playing live main events of big tournaments? Thanks again!

    1. Jonathan Little

      Most of the businesspeople who play the high roller events take poker very seriously and hire world-class players to coach them. So yes, I do think they have the ability to at least hold their own in the events, although they should not expect to be significant winners.

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