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Exploitative Play vs GTO Play by Michael Acevedo

This post is a tiny piece of Michael Acevedo’s upcoming book Modern Poker Theory. I had the pleasure to see an early copy and it is excellent. You will not want to miss this ground-breaking book!

Passive Exploitation

Does GTO play make money against bad players?

In a HU situation, if one player is playing optimally vs a suboptimal opponent, any deviation the weaker player makes away from GTO to a worse strategy can only cost him value, which will in turn be gained by the optimal player. This phenomenon is called passive exploitation because the optimal player does not have to do anything besides play his equilibrium strategy to gain extra Ev from the suboptimal player. …

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My Three Podcasts

I love my students and want to help them as much as I can. To say I put out a lot of content for them is the understatement of the year. Each week I spend numerous hours making podcasts (both in audio and video form). In this blog post, I will explain the differences between the three podcasts. If you do not already, please subscribe and share them with your friends! If you have any comments or ideas for making the podcasts better, please let me know in the comment section below. I am always trying to improve!


Weekly Poker Hand was my first podcast started over four years ago. I go through one interesting hand each week and explain my thought process on each betting round. Sometimes I review my hands and other times I review small stakes hands. Starting in episode 200, I started using live footage instead of a replayer. So far, you seem to like that better, so I will keep it up.

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The Slow Roll

There has been a rash of slow rolling on televised poker recently, so let’s discuss it!

Slowrolling is when someone knows they have the best hand either at the showdown or when facing a final bet, but they act as if they have the losing hand before eventually revealing the winner.

While this has no impact on the game (because the best hand always wins at the showdown), it causes some players to get angry because they thought they were going to win the pot, but instead lost. Many people view slow rolling as a personal attack and get angry, often resulting in suboptimal play or raging tilt. …

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Playing a $10,000 Final Table

Last year, I had the pleasure of making the final table of the $10,000 buy-in event that PartyPoker put on in Punta Cana. It was a lot of fun. My opponents (who were all excellent players) put me in tons of difficult river spots. I enjoyed it! I will be sure to review many of these hands in my podcast WeeklyPokerHand over the next few months.

Check out these two episodes of Poker Night and let me know what you think.

Part 1:

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