Watch Once You Have Won $1,000,000 – Featuring Mike Sexton

…or watch if you want advice on holding onto your money from poker legend Mike Sexton.

Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video and know someone it may benefit, please share it with them. Mike and I both want to help people not make the same mistakes we did. Be sure to check back next week for another educational blog post.

5 thoughts on “Watch Once You Have Won $1,000,000 – Featuring Mike Sexton”

  1. This is were I am strong and I do not have an ego thing going on. I don’t have a problem playing $2/5 live and then playing NL 10 or even lower the next day. Never bothered me.
    I would say Mr Sexton, absolutely 100% of us have had to learn the hard way with getting money. Even my coach Mr Little played sports before he realised it was bad, but you DO NOT LEARN until you’ve been there. It’s only afterwards that you can do something about it.
    If I had the money and was an American I would open so so many poker rooms nowhere near any pit or slot machine areas. We have in the U.K. places that have just Poker rooms. No slots or bookmakers, so you can concentrate on just poker. Take Dust Till Dawn for instance, they are a thriving poker room, so it can be done and by the sound of it, it would work in certain areas of the US.
    Great video and good to get Mr Sextons view on things and for him to open up about his own experiences.
    We are creatures of habit and it takes immense will power to pull away from the vices we have. Mr Little knows my vice is slot machines and despite not wanting to play those slots I always find myself turning back to them. I’d be so rich but I can not break that habit.
    Hopefully with Jon’s mentoring I can put all my energy and skill into poker and who knows, I might be able to finally kick the habit.
    Great insight into both of your lives, thanks for sharing this.


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