Weekly Poker Hand #227

There is a two big blind stack at the final table of a $300 event yet two big stacks collide.

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1 thought on “Weekly Poker Hand #227”

  1. The 2BB guy in the SB does have to call, he’s already got half a BB invested, he’s got a chance to increase his stack x6 if he does win the hand. So for me, it’s definitely a call. I also don’t agree that if he had 27 off he should think about folding. Why? With the amount of players in the pot, there’s every chance that he’s got two live cards, especially the 2. But, it’s pretty irrelevant considering the above. I call absolutely 100%. Unless……. There are two or three all in before it reaches the 2BB guy.
    I think Brian, being the big stack, misses an opportunity here on the button to 3 bet instead of just calling. He should be looking to bully the table with his stack. Find out who’s trying to ladder and put pressure on those stacks. But I agree, calling is fine to.
    BB with Q5 off is a muck like you say. I’ve learnt that playing crap cards multi way OOP is bad and you should just fold (that’s what I’ve been doing since joining your site, so I know I’m learning something positive).
    Once the flop is a paired board, me personally I’m very reluctant to put more chips into the pot, regardless if I have the nut flush draw or second in Brian’s case. You could already being drawing dead and indeed he is unless running kings turn and river. The amount of times I’ve seen players go broke chasing draws on paired boards is massive and they simply don’t learn. I’m always reluctant to shove all in with any draw anyway, much preferring to shove with made hands, but of course, it’s different if your the aggressor. I hate the shove and agree that calling is best, but he could be trying to bully players out of the pot, but like you say, the bettor isn’t going to lead out with 5 other players in the pot with nothing, so Brian should of known this, but he didn’t. It’s a bad shove on a paired board and just like that, he’s now back in the pack.
    How was my analysis Jon and are there any obvious leaks in what I’ve said?

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