EPT Barcelona 2015 Video Blog

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Barcelona to play the European Poker Tour events. This trip was tough because I ran quite poorly at poker, at least initially. I also never got on the right sleep schedule, likely because I went directly to Spain from Hawaii, which is on the exact other side of the world. It was tough! Below the video are links about my wedding and also links to a few fun hands I played in Barcelona.

Check out this blog post about my wedding!

Sarah Herring of PokerNews interviewed me about the wedding. 

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13 thoughts on “EPT Barcelona 2015 Video Blog”

  1. Seems like a decent enough time in Barcelona, to bad it didn’t go better. Will look forward to the webinar later this month.

  2. Congratulations on getting married Jonathan!! I hope you and you’re new wife have a long and happy life together!!

  3. Only 2 hours sleep is bad for you. You sound like you are having a hard time relaxing.
    It’s hard when your variance has you running bad and this causes you to re-run poker hands in your mind.
    Can I make a suggestion that helps me , be like Joe Hachem and don’t look at the flop when all-in.
    It’s makes any bad beat less remember-able.
    Also try maybe thinking outside the box , would yoga or relaxing music tapes help you sleep because no matter how fit you are , 2 hours sleep is not good preparation for any poker tournament.
    Anyway I am always impressed with with how you strive to improve you mental approach to the game 🙂

    1. I am certainly not good at relaxing. I work hard almost all the time. That being said, I really don’t care about the outcome of my poker games. I never lose sleep over poker.

  4. Hi Jonathan, congrats on getting married! Your analysis sounds sold as usual, your battle is against “variance” as you know. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, I have always watch your carrier and it has taught me “a-lot”. All of your videos are entertaining and educational. Sincerely from a player at the bottom, David,,, Please say hi to the rest of the “Big Dogs” at the top!!

  5. Great to see some behind the scenes of a poker pro. You and your new wife looked great!
    Jet lag is so real. I flew over 2.5M miles with HP. Just about killed me. I used ambien for the
    first 3 nights.
    Thanks again,

  6. Sleeping after poker can be really hard for me, since the adrenalin lingers for hours.

    I generally take 25 mg doxylamine succinate (an over the counter drug aka Unisom) and 5 mg of GNC’s melatonin. But as I’m over 50, I’d suggest starting with just 1-2 mg of the melatonin.

  7. Hi Jonathan. I was recently in a similar situation playing a live MTT with 22bb’s. I was facing an EP 8bb shove and a MP 17bb reshove. I was in LP with 22bb and had JJ. There was 26 players left and the bubble was 8 players. I believe there was about ten mins left in the level we were at . I anticipated that I would have about 9bb left if I did not find a playable spot before the blinds went up. Best Regards Wayne McKim

    1. That is a tough one but I would probably go all-in. JJ is really strong and it is highly likely you are against some combination of over cards and worse pairs. Also, you don’t have a huge stack. I would likely fold TT and AQ though.

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