I got married!

I got married on 8/1/2015. It was great! Amie is the stone nuts.

Here is a preview of my wedding video, which will be released in a few months:

Amie and Jonathan from McKenzie Miller Films on Vimeo.

Here are some pics:




Thanks to Clean Plate for letting me post these.

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12 thoughts on “I got married!”

  1. Hello Jonathan,
    Wishing the both of you all the best!
    Picture resolution and video production, well done.

  2. You two are a beautiful couple! The video is amazing & so are the pictures. I’m sorry we couldn’t attend you big day – it was a gorgeous wedding. Many happy returns!

  3. Awesome video and pictures of an absolutely gorgeous couple. I especially love the huge smiles on both of your faces. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    May all of your wildest dreams continue to come true. May your life together surprise and delight you endlessly, spectacularly exceeding your highest expectations in ways that open your hearts and souls to more and more and more everlasting infinite joy.

  4. Hi Jonathan,

    yeah obviously you flopped the stones (when you met Amy), and your hand held up until the river (your marriage). Now go all the way to the FT (having a family) and take the whole thing down (living happily ever after).

    Wish you both all the best.
    Thanks for the insight into a Poker Players life and the effort you put into advice and analysis of hands. I really appreciate it (actually just found out about you a couple of days ago). I seriously am thinking about getting a little more serious in Poker, but I am a Nit, and if I don’t have a really big score first, I simply don’t dare to throw my whole life over (also when comparing with really good guys like you or Alec Torelli, I simply don’t think I am good enough to make heaps of money in the long run – you got to be realistic about that, where there is winners there is always way more losers…)

    Anyway thanks and best of luck

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