Visiting Baha Mar before the PartyPoker Caribbean Poker Party – Part 1

In November, PartyPoker is having a major tournament series featuring two (yes, 2!) $10,000,000 guaranteed events called the Caribbean Poker Party at Baha Mar, a new luxury resort in the Bahamas and asked if I would go there to make a video blog showing off the resort. Seeing how Amie and I have not had a non-poker vacation away together in two years, we were celebrating our three-year anniversary, and are expecting our second son in December, how could I say no?

This video features lots of beach time and amazing food, plus a little slot machine action.

You can watch part 2 here. 

Baha Mar is amazing. Every detail is accounted for. The beach is pristine, the rooms and the venue are immaculate, and the food is amazing. If you are looking for a tournament to play in the near future, you will not want to miss PartyPokerLive’s Caribbean Poker Party. Click here for details on the series. I will see you there!


  • Avatar Juan says:

    Dear Jonathan congratulations for your anniversary, and for your second son coming.
    Thanks a lot for your contribution in order to improve some donkey but passionate players lime me and manny others.
    All the best, Juan

  • Avatar Armin Voss says:

    Hey Jonathan,
    Thanks for the video! We are gonna meet there, got my package. Hope you wife will come too. When is she due?


  • Avatar LuckyEva says:

    Hi Jonathan!!!

    Thanks for all the content you share with us! I enjoy all of it – as much as I can get to. (Youtube vids, D&B poker articles, the short 1 minute vids, pokernews articles, cardplayer articles, blog articles and so on….there is so much and it is all so illuminating!; I am also now a member of and have barely made a dent on all that is there = WOW!). Congrats on “winning” the partypoker trip. CONGRATULATIONS on the new baby. I especially love when you include James in your vids – he melts my heart (Yep, I admit, sometimes I watch twice just to see his cute face. I loved the one of the two of you running through the sprinklers in the park!). Please extend my best wishes to Amie too! Please keep up the great work!


  • Avatar Tim D says:

    We were in the dumpster now we have $122 lol classic – you guys are a very cute couple love it!

  • Avatar George says:

    Congratulations Jonathan!! You and I share the same birthday

  • Avatar Eddie Clark says:

    Thanks for sharing everything. Hope all goes well for your wife and you.

  • You’re a good soul Jonathan Little.
    Thank you

  • Avatar Norm Nusbaum says:

    I watched a bit of the video and have been interested in this resort since I first started hearing about it. However, am I correct that they do not have poker normally in their casino? I went to Atlantis once and was disappointed in that fact. I would love to go to Baha Mar, but I don’t play big buy-in tournaments and want to go to a resort in the Carribean that has poker in the casino at night. Thanks

    • No casinos in the Bahamas (and many Caribbean countries) have poker rooms because there are no/few regular players there. Poker rooms primarily exist when large groups of people play on a consistent basis, which is not the case at resorts. Also, citizens of the Bahamas cannot legally gamble, which makes having a poker room impossible. That said, during the Party series in November, their convention center will have 120 tables featuring cash games, small stakes tournaments, and perhaps satellites.

  • Avatar David Mac says:

    Enjoy your videos and comments. Keep them coming.
    Be safe