Visiting Baha Mar before PartyPoker’s Caribbean Poker Party – Part 2

In November, PartyPoker is having a major tournament series featuring two (yes, 2!) $10,000,000 guaranteed events called the Caribbean Poker Party at Baha Mar, a new luxury resort in the Bahamas and asked if I would go there to make a video blog showing off the resort. Seeing how Amie and I have not had a non-poker vacation away together in two years, we were celebrating our three-year anniversary, and are expecting our second son in December, how could I say no?

This video features lots of time at the beach, amazing dinners, and maybe even a little blackjack action.

Baha Mar is amazing. Every detail is accounted for. The beach is pristine, the rooms and the venue are immaculate, and the food is amazing. If you are looking for a tournament to play in the near future, you will not want to miss PartyPokerLive’s Caribbean Poker Party. Click here for details on the series. I will see you there!

In case you missed it, here is Part 1:

10 thoughts on “Visiting Baha Mar before PartyPoker’s Caribbean Poker Party – Part 2”

  1. Good evening I’m curious if you could help me a bit I’ll be playing in the gulf coast championship next month in Biloxi. I have ran into the money last year but could not finish. I seem to tighten up a lot after the money do you have any suggestions on ways to loosen up in an intelligent manner without going into maniac mode. Thank you for all you do and I have learned so much from you.

    1. It sounds like you know your problem. Most likely, you are much too concerned with getting a min-cash as opposed to winning. It is well known that some of the biggest, most consistent losers are those who cash a lot but rarely win. You must accept this fact and realize that when you have a large stack, you should push hard to keep growing your stack so you have a nice chance to win. Even then though, you will often end up broke. That is part of the game.

  2. Hello Jonathan!

    I have a question about GTO. If you are playing against individuals that do not play optimally, is it best to play GTO, or “play the player” and play solid positional and situational poker.
    I left the game for a few years, and am making a comeback. I’m going through all of my (your?) training videos, texts, workbooks, and I think my game is already better than it was, and still improving. The goal is the 2019 WSOP seniors’ event.
    Keep up the good work, congrats on your 2nd son. James looks like he’s going to be an athlete, so mix up his sports as he grows, better for overall development.

    Take care,
    John Podobnik
    aka “Barelylegal18” (years ago)

    1. It is best to “play the player”, but then again, if you don’t know what they are doing wrong because you have no experience with them, it is best to start GTO and then adjust as you learn more.

  3. Thanks J & A, really enjoyed your Baha Mar vlogs. Feels like I’ve just taken a mini-trip there myself! Best Wishes for the new addition…

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