6 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #211”

  1. Enjoy CASH GAME coverage and analysis. This is what I am up against every time I play.
    I try to equate the non-cash game videos to my cash game plays.
    It is the analysis. The thought process that is precious. Keep up the great work.

    1. Love this – thank you!! I’ll watch them all.
      I guess I’m not totally with you on your dislike of the jj raise. He’s ahead at that moment – why not try to take it down instead of letting someone catch? Making the drawing hands pay a premium makes sense to me. Am I not thinking of this correctly?

    2. I don’t like the flop raise because when you are against a Queen, you are drawing nearly dead. When you are not against a Queen, the opponent’s either have a strong draw that you are not much of a favorite against or junk that will fold. So, when you get action, you are in bad or neutral shape and when your opponents fold, they were drawing thin. Raising forces the opponents to play well.

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