Chopping for $100,000

In this video blog, I discuss my first few days at the 2015 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. So far, I have chopped a $5,000 event for $100,000 and played well (in my mind!) in the other two events I have entered.

12 thoughts on “Chopping for $100,000”

  1. Thank you for posting. Very interesting. I so appreciate your “virtual coaching”, and my many of your series. Approx what is your “in the money” ratio to tournaments entered?

    1. I honestly don’t know because different tournaments pay out different percentages of the field. If the tournament pays 15% of the field, which is starting to become somewhat standard, especially in EPT events, I tend to cash around 20% of the time. That being said, when I cash, I tend to have a bunch of chips. Cashing is certainly not the goal of a poker tournament.

  2. Jon you have the perfect brand. Mostly the technology bugs the hell out of me but I love this kind of 5 minute check in. You make a poker life real and tangible, and make it about much more than just about an odds chart, whether you’re winning or losing, and it’s really powerful. We get to live your life with you. Thanks for taking the time. I appreciate how hard you work for your audiences.

  3. Not watched vid yet but wd on big win

    Regarding playinglive in a casino im not good yet at poker and have never played live….any tips for my first ever live game…I mean anythign real basic?

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