Weekly Poker Hand #24

I explain how to choose your bet size on the river both when you have a premium hand and when you are bluffing.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #24”

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    As always great food for thought – thank you!

    Out of interest, if you hadn’t have hit the 8 on the river and thus the nuts, how do you think you might have bet? If it had been an A would you just check assuming that might be a big part of the opp’s range? And then fold depending on how big he bet back? Or would you still bet out and then fold to a raise?

    And if the river were a brick, how would you size your bet here as a bluff?



    1. It is difficult to say with any real certainty. Sometimes I would bet and sometimes I would check. I imagine that, in general, I would value bet when I have top pair or better, bluff on an A, and bluff on a club. I may check on other cards although it is certainly close. Whenever you have nearly the bottom of your range, it is usually a decent idea to at least consider bluffing.

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