Weekly Poker Hand #64

I flop an overpair in a 3-bet pot but face a ton of aggression. Is this an easy fold? What would you do if you had bottom set? That is the tough question!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #64”

  1. Thanks for another great hand analysis.
    Hypothetical question: if you had just called pre-flop and assuming the blinds fold, crazy asian likely continuation bets the flop and gets raised by 50 yo guy. What would you do with JJ in that scenario?

  2. Hi Jonathan, Thanks for the video your content is always enjoyable.
    Are you surprised that “Asian kid calls your squeeze with 43s with one player left to act? you are squeezing from the bu, so you probably have a wide range, but 43s is way behind it. You did say that 43s is very unlikely but possible. Is this a weak/speculative play or is it more advanced than my level of thinking? What are your thoughts?

  3. I love the Weekly Poker Hands :). Easy fold with JJ, but I like philosophizing about the range we should call with. Agree that 22 is a fold and 55 becomes borderline. UTG+1 got himself in a real pickle here, he should know his two overcards aren’t any good so he’s looking at a 9-high flush draw and a gutshot. Not something you want to risk your tournament life and 200 BB stack with. The 34s UTG raise-call is a bad play, but if you flop like this every time I guess you can get away with it.

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