Weekly Poker Hand #63

I attempt to navigate a tricky spot with middle pair, bad kicker versus a loose, aggressive European kid. Do you think my play is too optimistic?

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #63”

  1. how would u have reacted had he bet flop but then checked back turn (looking like a pot control check back with aj ,at,or ax) and then betting river? would u still be inclined to call on river? my point being when trying to outplay my oppoent, doesnt it look stronger to bet flop, check turn, bet river? rather than 3 barreling and looking bluffy given my image, if it is a lag image? thanks for reading/responding…scott

    1. Due to his LAG image, I think I have to call down under almost all “normal” circumstances. It should be made clear that if this player was not overly LAG, I would have perhaps folded to the flop bet and almost certainly to the turn bet.

  2. Nicely done. My only question is, would you have folded to the same bet if the river was 3s – that is you only have 2nd pair?

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