I am now part of Pocarr

Pocarr-twitter-profileI am excited to announce that I am now an investor in the poker backing stable Pocarr. Pocarr.com is unique in that they are more than happy to stake micro, small, and medium stakes players, as well as high stakes players. They offer a wide range of excellent training videos and webinars to help you progress your poker skills. Their set up is especially beneficial for players with a minimal bankroll who have the dedication required to succeed.

Their coaches include:
Apestyles (currently 31st on pocketfives)
mjw006 (16th on pocketfives)
girafganger7 (43rd on pocketfives)
robtinnion (has won the Sunday Million twice in the past year)
assassinato (Alex Fitzgerald) (co-author of Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em)
Elliot Roe (co-author of Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em)
and many other guest coaches

Pocarr has been around for over four years and their stable has been crushing the games the entire time. If you are looking to take your game to the next level, I strongly suggest you check them out. Please be aware that they are only open to non-American players who are dedicated to becoming excelling poker players. Be sure to tell them that Jonathan Little sent you when you sign up. If they accept you as part of the team, be sure to let me know!


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4 thoughts on “I am now part of Pocarr”

  1. I would like to try this out, but for some reason It tells me my trial date is up. I don’t think I ever tried this out. I must have DL it in the past but never tried it. Will it work on a live poker site such as Americus card room, or Bavada? I would like to try it out any way, if you can reset this thing that says my trial date is up.
    Thanks Bill

    1. I am unsure exactly what you are referring to, as pocarr doesn’t have a trial period, but if a program says your trial is up, email the maker of the program and express your concerns. Since I don’t know what program you are referring to, I suggest you google the program followed by the site you are playing on. Good luck.

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