Weekly Poker Hand #61

I face a bet-reraise on the river when have the second nuts. Should I call or reraise? What do you do in this spot?

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #61”

  1. Love this hand, this is just the kind of hand that just calling is made for. You don’t know your opponent and you don’t have the absolute nuts and it is reasonable that KQ could have been played. I have played many hands like this and have learned from getting beat that you don’t need to have the extra pressure of making a good or bad call that early in a tournament. Sometimes it is just good to call win or lose and note how your opponent plays for later in the tournament.
    Love the book btw, I am in your 2nd chapter on final tables, and finding that all that sit-n-go action I did years ago is what helps me be better at final tables, lots of good stuff in there. Already have so much stuff that I apply to my game now from what I have already read, some stuff I was already doing just good to know that extra math and thinking behind what I was doing before. I am getting back to my 20+% cashes in online tourneys. So thanks for that.


  2. Interesting hand! Tough spot, a competent player is not bet re-raising here with a flush so that leaves full houses. He could have 88, TT, KT, and KQ, which are all in his pre-flop limping range. The only hand you lose to is KQ so I wouldn’t mind a re-raise here. You do open yourself up to a jam in that case though, which would leave you with a sick decision. He could then still bluff you or jam with KT but it would be a tough call to make. In the early stages of a tournament, I definitely don’t mind just calling here but it’s very close between the two.

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