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I recently traveled to Borgata in Atlantic City, New Jersey for the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open. Amie (my wife) tagged along for the first few days. It was fun! Life is great when she is around. In this video blog, we hang around Borgata then I tackle the high stakes tournaments. I was fortunate enough to cash in both of the events I played but didn’t come away with a big score. All in all though, it was an excellent trip.

Click here for information about the webinar I mention in the video blog that I hosted with Phil Hellmuth.

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25 thoughts on “Borgata Poker Open Video Blog”

  1. Please keep these wonderful blogs coming, always a treat to see the run-down of a big circuit events and tournaments. My wife Angela really enjoyed seeing Amy and hearing what she was up to, they share tastes in slot machines, ;). Congrats. on the cashes and not to worry that secret is safe with us.
    For all you do, thank you!!
    Glenn and Angela

    1. Great video blog. I enjoyed this very much. I admit, I’ve seen your name, but I don’t know much about you, as I stopped playing poker 3 years ago. However, I’ve been thinking about playing again and I saw this blog and watched. Really well done. I appreciate your knowledge and willingness to be authentic in the video. I will continue to check out your site and for sure I will recommend it to my friends.
      Keep up the good work and good luck to you. Thanks again, FDR

  2. Hi Jonathan, thanks for the informative and helpful video blogs. I really enjoy them. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Also thanks for including Amie – watching the two of you together is really heartwarming. Borgata looks like so much fun! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Jonathan, I too am enjoying the video blogs and have also learned much from your training materials. I have a number of your books and have attended a few webinars and feel your training is helping me improve my game. i look forward to the weekly poker hand each Thursday! Thanks, Rick

  4. Really nice Vlog. Love watching these – keep it up!

    Will you (and Amie) be joining EPT Malta in October?

  5. Loved the Vlog Jonathan good stuff as usual. Saw around minute 4 that you had Nicholas Palma on your left. I assume that was the big stack that wouldn’t let you abuse the bubble. If you’d never heard of him before I’m sure you have now. That boy loves to talk, especially bout himself. Sure he was #FOCUSED. Shocked me that Hawkins tank called you with the AQ at the end. I’ve seen him snap off with a lot worse. He obviously perceived you as tight or somehow thought you perceived him to be opening tight. Which I doubt, so I’ll take the first guess. Between the cashes and the bride you must be running good.

    Keep it up!

  6. Jonathan,

    I am grateful for your blogs and really, really enjoy them!!! It is fun and informative to see things through your eyes. Amie is so lovely. You both seem perfect for each other!! Best of luck to you both and PLEASE keep making your video blogs!!!

  7. Salomon Vera Jr

    Great job on the blogs.. They are very entertaining and informative.. Keep on doing them and good run hot in future tournaments !!

  8. I love hearing about your experiences. The info you give on the hands helps, but I love the info you give without really intending to…(realize going into a tournament that you are more than likely going to bust, so don’t let that get to you) It allows me to think we are friends and hanging out even though we don’t know each other. Please keep them coming.

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