• Avatar nick says:

    yes a 9 afraid of the flush raised to remove pot odds

  • Avatar Mike says:

    Nice check on the flop, seems like you made an excellent read given the action. How did you notice the Small Blind was very excited about his hand? His range seems weighted towards trips and big (combo) draws in which case your KK doesn’t look good and in general it’s fair to assume that at least one of the three opponents already has you beat. Checking the flop saved you a lot of chips here.

    • It is difficult for me to say exactly what he did, but most likely, he sat up in his seat and moved much closer to the table. He was probably also paying attention to the action in an abnormal way. Anytime you see someone do something way out of the ordinary, they usually have a very strong or very weak hand. In this spot, it doesn’t make sense for someone to bluff, so most likely, he had a very strong hand.