Weekly Poker Hand #47

My opponent is overly wild. Should I make a big call down or fold to his aggression? You decide!

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #47”

  1. If I were to run into that scenario, I would fold to the river bet. I guess I tend to believe the story I’m being told more than I should. I plan on being in Vegas and plan on looking some people up when deep stacked.

    1. It seems like folding the river would be the worst possible line. It usually makes sense to fold early in the hand or not at all, although of course, you don’t want to let your opponents know your strategy!

  2. Interesting hand. You say that a raise on the flop isn’t the best play, because you want to keep his bluffing range in to take advantage of his laggy behavior on future streets. But what about the information aspect? As you say, it can get pretty dicey to play 9-9 against a LAG opponent who is likely going to continue firing, especially if overcards to your 9 are hitting the turn and river. A raise on the flop can make it easier on yourself for the rest of the hand by getting more information on your opponent’s holding. You do fold out his bluffing range most likely, but on the other hand you get more information on his value range and you can slow him down for future streets in case he decides to call. A raise against this type of opponent could also be for value if he’s loose enough to call your raise with 6x and 2x. Overall, a pretty close one, I think raising and calling the flop are both acceptable lines here. What would you have done if an overcard to your 9 hit the turn and he bet again: fold, or call and hope for a safe river card?

    1. A raise on the flop pretty much forces the opponent to have a good hand to continue, meaning I will usually be in much worse shape when he calls compared to when I call his bet. In general, raising for “information” against loose, aggressive players is a terrible idea because the information you get is rarely accurate.

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