Weekly Poker Hand #191

I pick up Q-Q and decide to play it slow on a coordinated, low card flop.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #191”

  1. Jonathan-

    I recently subscribed to your PokerCoaching site and I really enjoy it.. Now, I have a question for this hand. Was it strictly being in a tournament that caused you to check the flop? In other words, if you were playing a cash game, would you have bet the flop? Would you then have played any of the other streets differently? Thank you for considering my questions.

  2. Wow, how come I couldn’t have seen this one earlier πŸ™‚
    Last night, final table with 5 players left (this includes me):

    I’m short stacked with approximately 30,000, Blinds 3,600
    Im on the Button and wake up with KK (so awesome!), there are 2 callers in front of me so I min raise (in hind sight I can definitely see shoving as the short stack) the cutoff calls and we are going heads up to the flop.

    The flop comes 567 rainbow, and I decide to shove because its so draw heavy, my opponent calls with 86o the turn card is a blank and the river is a 9 and presto I bust in 5th place (Im still quite happy).

    Many lessons learned in this one and really appreciate the video πŸ˜‰

    Thanks JL

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