I Just Released My Newest Book and It’s Free for a Limited Time

I just released my newest book, and it’s called, Jonathan Little’s Poker Workbook: Volume 1.

For a limited time, you can click here to download my e-book for free.

My training site PokerCoaching.com started off as an experiment to see if I could find a better way to teach my students how to develop the fundamental skills required to succeed at poker. While watching training videos of world-class players play in real time is great, I thought the lack of interactivity was a problem. I decided to develop interactive quizzes so my students could compare their skills to mine in real time, getting immediate feedback on spots where I disagree with their strategies. After putting in just a bit of time working on their games, my students started seeing improvements, and eventually, significant, life-changing wins.

Jonathan Little’s Poker WorkBook: Volume 1 is a brief sampling of what you can expect at PokerCoaching.com. The only difference is PokerCoaching.com’s quizzes are in a video format whereas these are in written form.

This book presents 15 hands, five from me (Jonathan Little), five from Matt Affleck, and five from Alex Fitzgerald. While our strategies may differ from time to time, we are all long-term professional poker players who have stood the test of time. By studying our strategies and comparing your skills to ours, you will be able to see the holes in your game and can then work to plug your leaks.

In each quiz, there will be questions with corresponding answers ranked from 0 to 10 points. While these scores are arbitrary, they are meant to give you an understanding of how we think each answer fares in relation to the others. Sometimes, a few answers will be close and other times, there is a clearly correct answer. If you find that you are often choosing the right answer, or an answer that gets a high score, you are playing well. If you seem to choose answers that receive 0 points almost every time, you have lots of work to do!For a limited time, CLICK HERE to download my e-book for free. 

If you’d like to experience over 200 interactive hand quizzes from me, Matt Affleck and Alex Fitzgerald, CLICK HERE sign up here for a free 7-day trial.

I hope you enjoy the new book. Feel free to share it with your friends!

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