Weekly Poker Hand #180

I play a marginal made hand exactly like it should be played (passively!).

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #180”

  1. @jonathanlittle – I decided to listen to the podcast this time instead of watching the hand, and doing so gave me an idea for you. I’m sure you didn’t realize it, but in this episode you don’t mention your actual hand until very late in the video. Well, this got me guessing WHAT IS HE HOLDING!!! It wasn’t until you said the Q on the turn gave you a gutshot that I could pin it down to 1010 or 99. I found trying to guess what you were holding based on the analysis very fun and I’m thinking that perhaps you could do this every once in a while. Mask your cards and talk through the flop and/or turn or even river before disclosing your hand. ( Kind of like that Jack Links mystery hand the WSOP used to run occasionally).

    I think it could be a really fun concept to throw in once a month or so or maybe every other month. I actually can’t think of any other blogs/vlogs out there right now incorporating this concept. I’ll bring this up in pokercoaching.com and the Inner Circle as well as I think it could be a highly useful study aid.

    Thanks for considering it JL!

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