Weekly Poker Hand #157

I turn a set but my opponent takes the odd line of leading into me on a marginally scary river. Should I fold, call, or raise?

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #157”

  1. passive call by oop tag on flop, wet flop lead (has a weak piece of a flop or a slow played nutz ) who then leads when club hits river helps narrow range of the most likely) feels like your ahead going to river against a flush draw with a piece of flop..pair/flush draw…. he was even stronger with strght draw too. He was telling you with his bets and calls he had something then really confirmed it the the large turn call, then that large oop raise on river… fold your bluff catcher after that river cardclub hits. My line would be to call that turn instead of reraise to see river (lose some value for a safe in position river look) . That flop was to wet with a tag donk raising, to turn my set into a bluff on river but I want a cheap river card to pot control…. I believed what OOP TAG was telling you .. dry flop gets much more aggressive line of betting

  2. hard to lay down a set, horrible river card. His lead saved you money for sure. I leak money at this spot even when I know I shouldn’t, Great hand example. Really love your books and insights on hands like these. If the blind is a good lag who is capable of a slow play on river… I be broke

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