2017 WSOP Vlog Part 5 The Main Event

I discuss playing the WSOP Main Event! Will I finally win it? HUGE thanks to the the Global Poker League team for helping with the editing and thank you for following my journey this summer. My next vlog will be during the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open in August. Stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “2017 WSOP Vlog Part 5 The Main Event”

  1. Hi dear Jonathan, you look disappointed in this video, because you did not win the big money … You wanted to be “set for life” – but it is Not the goal of the life , even when you have the family to take care of. Be joyful, enjoy your wonderful life/family/poker. I see soooo many people who has so much more money, but there is no reason/purpose for them to do anything….You are a great poker coach- the best in my opinion, thanks for everything you have done and I hope you ll do: more books,videos,audio – this is the goal to have an inspiration,to grow yourself and help others.
    I wish you love,luck,joy . Alena – this late June I had a very lucky chance to see you,and tell you how much I love everything you do!

    1. You are certainly right, but having one less problem (not having to worry about money) would be nice, in my opinion. I am glad you are enjoying my content. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Ronald Moshontz

    Jonathan. Thank you, brother, for that incredible video about busting from the main event. I give you such kudos for showing your vulnerability, your bit of confusion, and your distress about it all. I learned as much about the way you spoke of your losses, both how you understood the hands and how you felt about it all, then I have in anything else. I learned as an educator and a therapist (and is true for parents as well) a long time ago that presenting oneself as a kind of invulnerable expert is disastrous for everyone. I loved hearing that you wanted to stay away from one player or he’ll “take your chips”, and that the manics were making life difficult, and that you were down and a bit crushed from your loss. In this way you are showing how to be a professional and a real live human being, which means how to survive. Your loss was my gain brother, and I suspect true for many others. Thank you, and best of luck. Ron

  3. Thank you for sharing your Main event experience. Poker is Poker. Good luck in the coming year. I always appreciate your candor.

  4. I believe I downloaded the video. Where is it on my computer? It isn’t in the download file. I mean, I don’t have the time to watch all of it in one sitting.
    Any response will be appreciated,
    Thank you,

    Michael Stoll

  5. Hey Jonathan,

    Long story short. I started playing online some 4 years ago. I do not multi-table. I moved to AC and lived and played $1/$2 NL pretty much every waking hour for for a year. I started as TAG , very tight and straight forward. My default play was if my opponent bets he/she has it. My motto was win by folding. This very disciplined style served me well enough to insure that for every upswing the downswing would was equal. I don’t want to break even.

    Then I found you thru WPT training app on Android. I absolutely love those interactive training sessions.I was so impressed that I have studied no one but you since. As a result of me doing a complete 180 from how I was playing I had to go thru some very trying times grasping hold of the absolute complexity of thought and awareness that goes into this game. I am now reading your books Secrets volume 1, Cash game/theory, and Bluff. I am still breaking even.
    I just want to be profitable. I have become a much better tournament player…no doubt about it. But I want to be able to play cash game profitably. I need help. What do you suggest?

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