• Avatar Dad says:

    Easy muck 😉

  • Avatar wayne says:

    Thank you for your insight. Learned much from you over time. that was a good fold. ask and ill tell ya why i think this? Love ya thought

  • Avatar Bill Carey says:

    Great analysis. What about if you had JJ instead of 10 10? Fold? Yes but not as often? What pct of time?

  • Avatar John Sutcliffe says:

    I would normally call once here. Unless the opponent never bluffs.

  • Avatar Syed says:

    Interesting example. I had a similar had in a last year’s $1500 WSOP event. In a similar situation I opted to call (in early stage of the tournament). We ended up with 3 more callers – cutoff, button and big blind. The flop was small cards – smaller than the above. The pre-flop raiser checked to me and I raised and everyone folded except the big blind. At this point, I put the big blind on either small over pairs, or a straight draw (he would have something like 6 and 2 for a draw). The turn would complete the straight. I bet again and he re-raised me. At this point , I knew I’m most likely beaten (a set or straight). However, he had an aggressive image in my mind, and I could not find a fold. I ended up losing majority of my stack. He of course had the straight! That got me thinking whether I should have re-raised pre-flop to discourage multiple callers behind me (when I’m in the middle position) and especially hands like the BB had? What do you think?

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