Weekly Poker Hand #124

I flop two-pair playing 3-handed and play my hand straightforwardly and aggressively. Everything is going according to plan until my opponent check-raises the river. Would you make the call?

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #124”

  1. Very interesting analysis on the potential flushes he might have had – I don’t usually take the time at the table to think through each of them like that; however, in doing so many can be eliminate so I will start to go through that process in this spot vs. just thinking ( “well he must a flush” ). I think A4d or a low 2pr as you said was likely the holding.

    You must have had a physical read here b/c I don’t see you fold too often in these spots!

    Finally, thanks for creating these every week. I learn something every time and look forward to them.

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