WPH #480: $583,000 All-In With 9 HIGH????????

Could you imagine shoving $583,000 into the middle with just nine high? Well be sure to watch this video from PokerGO’s No Gamble No Future as that is exactly what Andrew Robl does. Can he make millionaire businessman Rob Yong fold?!

Jonathan discusses which types of hands you should use when deciding to 4-bet bluff. Generally you want to have cards that will block your opponent’s continuing range such as an ace or a king. Jonathan agrees that Robl’s call with KJ suited is fine considering that he is in position and they are both extremely deep.

Robl should be checking this flop frequently due to having two callers and how dynamic it is. He has equity to hit a very strong hand and he does not want to get blown off it by facing a raise and further aggression.

Robl’s shove on the turn is a huge bet but Jonathan dissects exactly why he decided to use such a large size. If he were to go smaller then Yong is the kind of player that will likely call at least one more which is not ideal when you have 9 high out of position! It is important to make sure that you balance this shoving range with very strong hands otherwise you become too predictible to having bluffs or draws when you use large bet or raise sizes.

This high stakes poker hand took place in Las Vegas at the prestigious PokerGO Studio as part of their “”No Gamble, No Future”” cash game series. This particular cash game had a minimum $500,000 buy-in, with blinds at $500/$1000 with a $1,000 Big Blind Ante. Old school poker legend Andrew ‘good2cu’ Robl takes on Dusk Till Dawn owner and entrepreneur Rob Yong.

🃏 Preflop: Andrew Robl opens from the lojack with 97dd, but Rob Yong on the button decides to bump it up with a 3-bet to $10,000 with KJdd. Eric Persson and Markus Gonsalves make a non standard cold call in the small and big blinds before Robl opts to 4-bet to $40,000. Yong calls on the button, Persson folds the small blind and Gonsalves decides to call completing the action in the big blind with 65ss.

💥 The Flop: Qc Tc 8d The flop is a spicy one as it gives both Robl and Yong open ended straight draws although Gonsalves has completely missed. This very dymanic flop slows down the action as all three players decide to check.

🔥 The Turn: 2d This 2nd diamond on the turn is where the fireworks start. Now both Yong and Robl have huge combo draws with straight and flush draws. Gonsalves checks with his air, Robl checks with his monster draw but Yong now wants the pot and decides to bet $60,000. Gonsalves makes the easy fold before Robl decides to shove his entire stack over the line for $583,000! Yong is now in the world of pain and has no idea that he actually has the best hand. Ultimately he does decide to let it go only to be shown the 97dd by Robl.

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