WPH #478: Brad Owen Has ALL THE LADIES!

Joint Jonathan Little as he reviews a hand that popular poker vlogger Brad Owen plays in a $2/$5/$10 live cash game where he flops a set and rivers quads! Can he find a way to get maximum value?

Jonathan discusses the range of hands that opponents tend to have when they donk lead into multiple opponents. They usually either have a pretty good made hand or some kind of draw. In this particular hand Brad Owen blocks a lot of the top pairs as he has hit top set, so this generally will weight his opponents more towards draws.

Brad talks about how he is not too concerned about the short stack small blind but is much more interested in stacking the other opponent who has a similar deep stack. Jonathan agrees that this should be your thought process when at the table, look to win the large pots off the players that are playing deep and don’t worry if you double up a few short stacks!

Generally you want to play more passively and call with top sets and choose to raise your bottom sets. This is because when you have top set you will be blocking some of the strong hands that you want your opponent to have, like top pair. Bottom set unblocks the strong top pairs that can call a raise.

This poker hand took place in the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Mississippi, USA. The stakes were $2/$5/$10 with the effective stack at $3,000.

It starts with a raise from UTG+2 who has pocket kings which picks up a call from MP but Brad who is sat on the button with pocket queens decides to bump it up and raises to $100. The small blind makes a very non standard cold call with ace king of hearts and the original raiser also makes a very non standard call with their pocket kings. MP who is now getting a great price decides to complete as well.

4 players head to a flop of Qh 6h 3s giving Brad Owen a beautiful top set! Even more so when UTG+2 decides to lead into the pot for $200. Brad calls and the small blind who only has $130 behind decides to gamble with his nut flush draw and calls it off.

The 2h on the turn spells disaster for Brad Owen in the main pot as he is now losing to the small blinds turned flush. However, there is still plenty of value to be made from UTG+2 who still has a strong overpair! This turn card does not slow down Brad’s opponent as he fires another bet to the tune of $300. Brad makes another easy call as the pot escalates to $1,535.

The river is the dream card for Brad as it lands with the Qs giving him quads! This now slows down the villain as he checks. Brad takes the moment to bet for a pot sizee of $1,500. Frustrated with the run out Villain 1 folds, not realizing that the river card actually saved him a lot of money! The small blind is heart broken when he turns over his hand thinking he has the winner!

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