WPH #481: Chris Moneymaker CRUSHES This AMATEUR Poker Player!

Join Jonathan Little as he reviews a poker hand played by the legend himself and the reason for the 2003 poker boom! It’s Chris Moneymaker, yes that’s his real surname.

Jonathan discusses how it is important to know your preflop ranges so that you do not get into too many tricky spots! Playing a hand like JTo from early position facing an early position raise should be avoided! Jonathan also believes that Moneymaker’s call from the small blind with QTo is a little too lose due to it being a 3 blind game. Moneymaker now has 2 players to act behind him that could potentially squeeze him out of the pot.

When you are playing in multiway pots you do not want to use a large bet size because it indicates that you believe you have a range and/or nut advantage which is extremely hard when there are so many players in a pot.

Jonathan also breaks down the thought process that you should have on the river in a multiway pot when you hold the nuts. There are certain ways when playing out of position that you can maximize your earnings. In this particular instance Jonathan completely agrees with Moneymakers check on the river as he is likely to make more money this way rather than if he were to lead.

Chris Moneymaker, is an American professional poker player. He won the 2003 WSOP Main Event for $2,500,000, and is seen by many as the reason for the poker boom which saw many people all over the world start to play poker. He has $6,152,000 in live tournament earnings putting him 251st in the world rankings. Jibrael Hindi is introducted an amateur poker player from America. He is a lawyer and professional bodybuilder.

This week on Hustler Casino Live was advertised as ‘Moneymaker Week’ as it was his debut on the stream. Moneymaker was scheduled to play around 3 days of live streams. But he ended up getting too intoxicated during the first game which resulted in him not playing on the stream again that week. Other notable poker players on the stream were Johnnie Vibes, Alec Torreli, Mariano, & Rob Kuhn.

This high stakes poker hand took place during the ‘Moneymaker Week’ hosted by the Hustler Casino Live poker room. The blinds were at $25/$50/$100 with a $100 Big Blind Ante.

🃏 Hand Highlights: Rob (UTG+1) kicks off the action raising with AdKh, next to act Jibrael decides to call with JsTc, legendary Chris Moneymaker calls with QdTh from the small blind, and popular poker vlogger Johnnie Vibes completes from the big blind with A5hh.

💥 The Flop: Jh 9c 4d The flop misses the original raiser who decides to check. Jibrael seizes his opportunity with top pair and decides to bet $500. Moneymaker calls with his open ended straight draw and Vibes calls with his backdoor flush and straight draws. Rob also decides to make a questionable call with his two over cards and potential backdoor straight draw.

🔥 The Turn: 8s The turn is the gin card for Moneymaker as he hits his straight, unfortunately for him both Vibes and Jibrael check behind.

🚀 The River: 7h The river card now brings 4 to a straight which is great news for Moneymaker as he has the nut straight! Moneymaker sets the trap once again and checks only for Rob with just ace high to make a $2,200 bet! Jibrael decides to make an interesting call and not a raise with his straight. This is where Moneymaker springs into action with a huge raise to $10,000. Vibes and Rob make the easy fold but Jibrael now has a huge decision, he only loses to one hand! He does eventually make the call and is shown the bad news as Moneymaker turns over the nut straight. With the river card on the table, Moneymaker checks, Vibes checks, and Rob makes a $2,200 bet. Jibrael decides to call, but here comes the twist – Moneymaker springs into action with a raise to $10,000! Vibes folds, Rob folds, and Jibrael makes the bold decision to call all-in.

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