WPH #477: Learn This PERFECT Spot For HUGE Bluffs!

Jonathan is joined by fellow PokerCoaching coach and poker crusher Matt Affleck. They discuss a poker hand that Matt played during a poker tournament at the Wynn in Las Vegas.

They both discuss a preflop timing tell from one of Matt’s opponents. This player took a lot longer than usual when acting preflop which led Matt to believe that he either had a hand that was thinking about squeezing or a marginal hand that was thinking of folding. This player was clearly thinking of other options other than to just call!

After missing the flop they discuss what you should consider when deciding whether to bluff into multiple opponents or not. On this particular dry flop Matt discounts one of his opponents from having many sets, due to not squeezing preflop. It is important to remember that Matt still has all of the overpairs on this texture whereas his opponents do not.

In multiway pots you generally want to use smaller bet sizes because you are going to get called by a slightly stronger range when there are multiple in the pot. If you bet too large then the range that calls you will be too strong. A smaller bet allows you to widen your value range whilst also giving you the benefit of being able to semi-bluff for a smaller size.

Matt believes that the overcall from the button is a weakish hand that could not face multiple barrells. He is fairly capped in having either a marginal top pair or some sort of weak draw.

On the river they discuss how some players are too scared to go for maximum value with hands that are very likely to be best. Make sure you are reading the situation well and finding the opportunites to get as much value from your strong hands!

The hand starts with Matt opening from under the gun with KQo around 50bb effective. The loose passive chip leader of the table decides to call from the lojack. A french pro also comes along from the button but it is worth noting that Matt believed that this player was considering squeezing in this spot.

With 3 players in the hand they head to a flop of T52r. Matt decides to continue telling his story of a strong overpair and fires out 2,000 into the 5,700 pot. Both players decide to make the call as the three of them head to the turn which is the 8c which now brings in a backdoor club flush draw. Matt does not slow down and choose a 6,500 size into the 11,700 pot. The loose passive player now decides to fold but the french professional sticks around to see the 3s on the river.

Matt now shoves the river for 20,100 into a 24,700 pot as he tries to make the french pro fold a marginal hand. Matt’s range looks extremely strong which is why the player releases his hand giving Matt a very tasty pot!

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