WPH #479: This Is What HEART BREAK Looks Like In Poker!

Watch one of Jonathan’s favorite poker players and also PokerCoaching coach Jonathan Jaffe in action at the Triton Poker series in Vietnam!

Jonathan discusses the merit of flatting with AQo from Frank’s position. Facing an early position raise we should be less inclined to 3-bet as they will have a much stronger range than if they were raising from the button. The other thing to consider in this specific hand is the ICM (Indepedent Chip Model) implications as they are well within the money and making the final table where the biggest pay jumps are, is an important factor in every hand that you play.

Jonathan also discusses how you should always be thinking about pot odds, especially when your opponent uses such a small bet size. Often hands that would fold to a normal size have to call facing a small size otherwise you will find yourself overfolding.

You should always consider as the preflop aggressor which hands you would like to use as small check-raises when you are out of position. Too many players do not have enough of a bluffing range which will often weight these raises to value only. The bluffs you want to use to check-raise with are the ones that you are happy to fold if you face a 3-bet which is generally your low equity bluffs.

A lot of players think that when they only have a pot sized bet remaining that this is the only size they can use when betting. This is not true! Using varying bet sizes allows you to bet more frequently and gives you more maneuverability with both your strong and weak poker hands.

This high stakes poker hand took place during a Super High Roller series as part of a Triton poker festival in Vietnam. This hand was during a $30,000 No Limit Hold-em tournament, held at the stunning Hoiana Resort & Golf in Hoi An in 2023.

PokerCoaching coach and tournament crusher, Jonathan Jaffe makes a standing opening raise with AKo in early position. Christopher Frank, a very accomplished German professional decides to call with AQo and Anson Ewe comes along from the big blind with JT suited.

3 players head to the flop that reveals Qc 8s 4h which gives Frank top pair. After the big blind checks, Jaffe decides to slow down and opts to check. Frank seizes the opportunity and puts out a 25% pot bet, Ewe quickly folds but Jaffe decides to check-raise as a semi bluff. Frank makes the easy call.

The Tc on the turn gives Jaffe addition equity as he now has a gutshot to the nut straight. Jaffe slows down again and checks but Frank does not want to give him a free card and makes a bet for 300,000. Jaffe calls.

The river is a dream card for Jaffe as it is the Kd which now gives him top pair. This slows Frank down as he checks behind only to be frustrated that he lost to that river card.

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