WPH #476: Jungleman Is RAGING [BANNABLE Offense?!]

Was Jungleman out of line at the end of this poker hand? Watch as he battles in a high stakes cash game against infamous Nik Airball on the Lodge Card Club poker stream.

Nik Airball had been trying all stream to tilt Jungleman. Every person has a breaking point and it looks like in this hand Airball managed to find Jungleman’s!

Jonathan talks about how the flop actually connects quite well with Airball’s range. As the 3-bet caller, Airball will generally have more strong hands on this board than Jungleman. When Jungleman faces such a small raise on the flop he is getting such a good price to continue to hit either an ace or a queen which could be good in this spot. His actual hand is still beating most of Nik Airball’s semi bluffs.

Jonathan believes that Nik should continue betting on this turn as it is likely to have hit Dan’s calling range on the flop. The hands that Dan will call a bet with will likely just check behind because they will have picked up showdown equity or a draw if he has a strong pocket pair with a diamond.

Dan Cates also known as Jungleman (or ConchDan here) is a 33 year old from the USA and is regarded by many as one of the best poker players in the world both online and live, he has played in all the highest stakes cash games around the world for many years. He has over $12,000,000 in live tournament earnings putting him 80th on the all time money list. He famously won the WSOP $50,000 Players Championships (regarded as one of the hardest tournaments to win) in 2021 and then again in 2022.

Nik Airball is an investment banker and an amateur poker player, he is a regular on the Hustler Casino live streams usually playing any stakes, he is often involved in heated table talk with the other players.

This high stakes poker hand took place at The Lodge Poker Club in 2023 between two well known poker players. Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates decided to lock horns with infamous Nik Airball who has taken the poker world by storm!

With blinds at $200/$400 with an $800 straddle, Nik Airball raises to $2000 with 86dd from UTG+2 off a $702,500 stack. In the hijack, Jungleman opts to 3-bet to $8000 with AsQc to which Airball calls.

Both players head to a flop of 8h 7d 2d which gives Airball top pair & a flush draw whilst Jungleman has completely missed and still just has ace high. After a check from Airball, Jungleman continues his story with a $6,000 bet. Airball decides to raise it up to $16,000. Jungleman undeterred by this raise opts to make the call.

The turn is a beautiful card for Jungleman (or so he thinks!) as he hits the Ad. However, Airball has now hit his flush meaning that Jungleman is drawing dead. This card does slow down the action as both players now check to see the river.

The Qh on the river is a disastorous card for Jungleman as he now has top two. Airball now decides to bet for value with a huge $75,000 bet into the $49,800 pot. This huge bet size clearly put Jungleman in the blender as he cannot figure out whether he has the best hand or not. Eventually he does make the call only to be shown the bad news.

But it’s what happens next that really makes this a memorable hand! Do you think Jungleman was out of order?

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