WPH #475: Did Eric Persson REALLY Just Do THAT?!?!

Have you ever made this mistake at a poker table before? We just had to make this video to make sure that none of you do it!

Watch as Daniel Negreanu and Eric Persson face each other heads-up as part of the High Stakes Duel series by PokerGO. Persson who is known for his table talk and splashy play finds himself making a huge mistake on the river which awards Negreanu a surprising pot!

Jonathan discuss Eric Persson’s decision to 3-bet with a junky off suit king. It is infact GTO approved! The solver likes to use these types of hands as they help block some of the strong range that the opponent could have as it contains a high card.

Jonathan talks about how you should never really muck your cards before it gets to the river as your hand may still have some equity against theirs. Poker is all about realizing your equity at the showdown so it is a huge mistake to muck your hand before you get to that point!

Eric Persson is the owner of Maverick Gaming which has 19 card rooms in Washington state as well as some in Nevada and Colorado, he has managed many Casinos and has recently burst onto the high-stakes poker scene. He is often involved in table antics, especially table talk which began against Phil Hellmuth in April 2022 at the $25,000 PokerGo heads-up showdown, Eric and Phil exchanged vulgarities which some said went too far.

Daniel Negreanu is 3rd on the all time money list with over $50,000,000 in total live earnings. He has 6 WSOP bracelets. Daniel is looking to stop his losing streak on High Stakes Duel having never won a match before. He lost 3 times in a row on season 2 to Phil Hellmuth losing $350,000 in the process.

This match was the main event, before this game for the first time in High Stakes Duel history, there was an undercard which included Shaun Deeb and Mike Matusow, with both players putting up $10,000. Mike Matusow won the match.

High Stakes Duel is an American poker television program that airs on PokerGO and premiered on July 30, 2020. The format is two players playing a heads-up No-Limit Hold’em poker tournament. The rules of High Stakes Duel are that the initial buy-in level is $50,000 for Round 1. With each round that follows, the buy-ins double. Round 2 is a $100,000 buy-in, Round 3 is a $200,000 buy-in, and so on. A player earns the right to walk away as High Stakes Duel champion if the player wins three consecutive matches prior to Round 4 or two consecutive matches starting with Round 4. The winner of High Stakes Duel receives the High Stakes Duel Championship Belt. There have been 3 previous seasons of High Stakes Duels, with the winners being Phil Hellmuth twice and then Jason Koon.

This thrilling poker hand took part during the High Stakes Duel series hosted by PokerGO in their studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Two huge names in the industry faced off, poker legend and multi World Series of Poker bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu took on the relatively infamous Eric Persson who is known to own multiple casinos and provide entertaining trash talk when the occasion calls for it!

With blinds at 150/300, the hand starts with Negreanu deciding to raise with 43ss on the button to 1,000 off a 70,200 stack. Persson opts to 3-bet with K6o to 3,500, Negreanu with his suited connectors is going nowhere and makes the call.

The flop reveals Ts 7s 7c which gives Negreanu a flush draw and Eric Persson zip and pip (in the famous words of Mike Sexton). This slows Persson down as he decides to check. Not wanting to get blown off his equity, Negreanu makes a wise check behind.

The turn is the Ad which is a great card for Persson’s range that may have 3-bet preflop and decided to check the flop. He sezies the opportunity and fires a 4,000 bet into the 7,000 pot. Negreanu decides to call with his flush draw.

The river is where things get really interesting as the 2c lands. Persson has the best hand with just king high but he clearly doesn’t know it as he decides to make a huge mistake. Watch this poker video to find out what it was!

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