WPH #474: Did This MISTAKE Cost Her $10,200?????

When you decide to talk at the table after making a big bet, you better be sure you know what tells you are giving off! Watch this hand from the Lodge Poker club and find out how this player talking may just cost her $10,200!

Jonathan talks about how someone ‘blind raising’ in a hand should effect everyones strategy. Essentially you should just treat it as a straddle. Although technically Kendall is 3-betting preflop with pocket queens, everyone else at the table should just consider it as a normal raise.

When you have an overpair on a paired board in a multiway pot, you should not look to pile money in too quickly. Kendall makes a great check on the flop as she would be in a miserable spot if she were to face a check/raise. A hand like aces or kings is more preferable to check in this spot as they need less protection from overcards that may fall on the turn if the flop were to check through.

Kendall makes a great check on the river as this maximizes her opportunity to be able to get all of the money in on the river. If she were to lead, Justin may just call with most of his 9x that may bet and find a hero call to a shove. Some flushes may raise when facing a bet but most will call on this paired board. Especially as both of their ranges should be stronger on the river due to the flop being multiway.

Jonathan discusses some of the mistakes he believes Kendall made on the river which could have led Justin to making a very good but correct hero fold on the river. When players look back at their cards before taking an aggressive action, it is usually because they cannot believe that they have such a strong hand. When poker players also take a long time before deciding to raise, this is also usually weighted towards value.

This gripping poker hand took place during a Lodge Poker live stream. With a $100 straddle on in the hand, Fred Flinstone decides to blind raise to $200. Kendall seizes the opportunity to try and steal a rather large preflop pot and raises to $600 with the delightful pocket queens. Justin calls with A7dd from the HJ as do 2 other players including the blind raiser, Fred Flinstone!

4 of them head to a flop of 9h 9d 3d which gives Justin the nut flush draw but Kendall’s overpair is still looking good. Kendall decides to slow down and check which opens the door for Justin to start semi bluffing as he decides to bet $1,250 into a pot of $2,600. Kendall is the only caller as the two of them head to the turn.

The 2d on the turn is a glorious card for Justin as he has now hit the nut flush. Kendall checks again and this time Justin bets slightly over half pot with a $3,700 bet. Kendall who has the queen of diamonds in her hand, decides to call once more.

The river is a disaster for Justin and a miracle for Kendall as she somehow manages to hit the queen of hearts giving her a full house. Kendall sets the trap with another check and Justin bets with what he believes to be the best hand. He bets $6,800 and is completely shocked when Kendall announces she is all in for $17,000. Justin goes deep into the tank and Kendall starts talking, was this a huge mistake on her part? Watch the video to find out!

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