JAMES: Year 1

As many of you know, I became a dad about a year ago. Mister James had a great first year. Being a dad is fun. Here are some highlights:

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  1. Very nice Johnathan. I remember how much my kids changed my life. Now they are older, 16 and 14, so I have the opportunity to focus a little more on poker again. I’m really enjoying your insights and material. Thanks for giving back to the poker community.

  2. He is to cutte, its nice to see father cares so much about the baby??!
    Wish him a syster or a brother soon!
    Hat down to Jonathan!
    Greetings from Croatia

  3. Hasanshafiebafti

    Kids like sun and give hope and energy to this world remember being good daddy is the greatest opportunity to become complete human and fathers are champions of kids
    I hoped you can be champion in this game
    My dear teacher Jonathan
    My wife is pregnant and I understand this great content being daddy
    ? kiss your nice sun

  4. They grow up too fast, enjoy it while you can! I really appreciate your poker commentary! You are one of the best! Thank you..

  5. Mitchell Anderson

    Thanks for sharing that! Children are so wonderful. A good reminder of the importance of work life balance!

  6. Children are indeed wonderful. After raising 4 sons, I wish to submit the following suggestions; (1) ditch the pacifier as soon as possible.

    (2) Please do NOT kiss your infant on the mouth

  7. Super cute of all three of you enjoying the first year as a family. This made me smile. You’re truly blessed!!!


  9. Very cool Jonathan!! You are a great dad and your family is lucky to have you. Good luck with the next few years, as the first one is deceptively easier than years 2, 3, & 4. We have two boys and years 3 & 4 we’re easily the hardest.

    It’s really nice to see someone who is such a rockstar at poker placing this outward focus on the other hyper important part of their lives. I find it inspiring and sure others do too.

    Thanks for what your doing!!

  10. What a cutie & have a feeling when he grows up hes going to be a singer

    Best Wishes to you all

  11. Jonathan,

    It is great to see a father who wants to be involved with his son. My son is 24 years and it is still the best thing I have ever done. Both my wife and I have a wonderful relationship him and the three of us all love our time together.


  12. It’s nice to see such a happy and loving family. I’m sure you’ll be just as successful as a parent as you are at poker.

    Thanks for sharing Jonathan.

  13. That made me laugh and cry all at the same time!!???. Great parents!! Wonderful video!!! Blessed with talent to make such a video!!! Really special!!!!! You will cherish it forever!!! Love, Mary Lynn??

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