As many of you know, I became a dad about a year ago. Mister James had a great first year. Being a dad is fun. Here are some highlights:


  • Avatar Will Hall says:

    Very nice Johnathan. I remember how much my kids changed my life. Now they are older, 16 and 14, so I have the opportunity to focus a little more on poker again. I’m really enjoying your insights and material. Thanks for giving back to the poker community.

  • Avatar Mislav says:

    He is to cutte, its nice to see father cares so much about the baby??!
    Wish him a syster or a brother soon!
    Hat down to Jonathan!
    Greetings from Croatia

  • Avatar Tom says:

    Great video… Very happy for you and your family.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Avatar Cheryl says:

    He is such a great bundle of Joy

  • Avatar Abdul Hamdard says:

    Amazing guys! Best wishes

  • Avatar Frank Shayan says:

    Very cool Jonathan!

  • Avatar GeorgeA says:

    This may sound corny but it was heartwarming to see you and your nice family….best wishes

  • Avatar Hasanshafiebafti says:

    Kids like sun and give hope and energy to this world remember being good daddy is the greatest opportunity to become complete human and fathers are champions of kids
    I hoped you can be champion in this game
    My dear teacher Jonathan
    My wife is pregnant and I understand this great content being daddy
    ? kiss your nice sun

  • Avatar Patricia says:

    They grow up too fast, enjoy it while you can! I really appreciate your poker commentary! You are one of the best! Thank you..

  • Avatar Mitchell Anderson says:

    Thanks for sharing that! Children are so wonderful. A good reminder of the importance of work life balance!

  • Avatar George Zanis says:

    Children are indeed wonderful. After raising 4 sons, I wish to submit the following suggestions; (1) ditch the pacifier as soon as possible.

    (2) Please do NOT kiss your infant on the mouth

  • Avatar Patti K. says:

    Super cute of all three of you enjoying the first year as a family. This made me smile. You’re truly blessed!!!

  • Avatar DONNA L. says:


  • Avatar eric bianco says:

    how precious

  • Avatar Aaron penland says:

    So precious. God bless you and family

  • Avatar Robbyn says:

    Very cool Jonathan!! You are a great dad and your family is lucky to have you. Good luck with the next few years, as the first one is deceptively easier than years 2, 3, & 4. We have two boys and years 3 & 4 we’re easily the hardest.

    It’s really nice to see someone who is such a rockstar at poker placing this outward focus on the other hyper important part of their lives. I find it inspiring and sure others do too.

    Thanks for what your doing!!

  • Avatar garyhotmail says:

    What a cutie & have a feeling when he grows up hes going to be a singer

    Best Wishes to you all

  • Avatar Jerry says:

    בייה Give thanks to the Creator of all living!

  • Avatar Sean Remington says:

    Congratulations to you and your family, he is wonderful!!

  • Avatar Norm says:

    Loved James’ version of “Hey Jude”.
    He is quite a character.
    Made my day.

  • Avatar Phiilip butler says:


    It is great to see a father who wants to be involved with his son. My son is 24 years and it is still the best thing I have ever done. Both my wife and I have a wonderful relationship him and the three of us all love our time together.


  • Avatar Papabro says:

    Very well done Jonathan. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it! There’s more to life then poker.

  • Avatar Emma Elizabeth Stamper says:

    Oh MY!!!! TOOO CUTE!!!!! Thanks for Sharing.

  • Avatar Grant says:

    It’s nice to see such a happy and loving family. I’m sure you’ll be just as successful as a parent as you are at poker.

    Thanks for sharing Jonathan.

  • Avatar Mary Lynn Stone says:

    That made me laugh and cry all at the same time!!???. Great parents!! Wonderful video!!! Blessed with talent to make such a video!!! Really special!!!!! You will cherish it forever!!! Love, Mary Lynn??