Weekly Poker Hand #183

I decide to check-raise with a junky backdoor draw and get blessed with one of the best turns in the deck. That is lucky!

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #183”

  1. I don’t understand why your making such a big deal out of this hand. Button puts in a standard raise in position with almost any two cards and this hand is so standard in how it plays out why do you feel the urge to review it? What happens when you raise after the flop and he puts in a chunky 3 bet, which if he had any balls he should of done? That’s right, you fold.
    Or is this hand being talked about because you made a play that almost any poker player has in his arsenal and it made you feel good lol.
    It doesn’t inspire me to want to join being a first time visitor to your site that’s for sure……..

    1. he reviews tons of hands so i don’t get the part of “I don’t understand why your making such a big deal out of this hand”, since he posts all sorts of hands some will be similar to this one.

    2. I’m sure you’re way ahead in your development, but this hand illustrated to me things I should be doing that I’m usually a little afraid to do. I’m still developing as a hand reader and situational player, so this sort of thing is valuable to “make a big deal out of.”

      Not everyone is in the same place in their learning or their game. Chill out.

  2. Keep it simple I would have seen it too the end possible straight or flush 4 8 suit wouldn’t be first choice on flush too easy to beat with a limp player maybe straight with mo suit draw and still. A small straight best I could do gotta love poker so many variables

  3. I liked it 😉
    To me it shows that you need to be bluffing sometimes, I think most players would auto fold after checking the flop facing a cbet.

    Fantastic tutorials keep them coming 😀

    1. P.S.
      How many players could 3 Bet in that spot? I sure would have difficulty, also good to hear you were going for it on the river.. Good players (if called) would probably not feel pot committed on the river where I think weaker players (if called the turn), may call the river shove… guess it may also breakdown knowing your opponents.

      Those are my thoughts… good stuff!

  4. Plaza, get a life! I am SURE you are a losing player. So much of poker is about mindset. Your mindset sucks!

  5. I’m confused on the concept of initiative (1:28 in this video). Ed Miller in one of his early pro videos on redchippoker said that the concept is made up…however I hear you and other pros use the word, and have even heard Ed Miller in subsequent videos sort of seemingly talk about it without using the word. I think his point was that C-bets etc can be taken advantage of by trapping at times or otherwise parsing the decision tree of all the possible things that can happen in such a way that having the “initiative” will often times be neutralized if you play perfectly as the non-aggressor…I am desperately trying to find the video I heard him say the initiative concept doesn’t exist but I can’t 🙁 (it exists its one of his earliest PRO level videos). My question is should I go ahead and think about the concept existing, that I am more likely to get folds postflop by representing a strong range and C-Betting, or should I think of the concept as not existing.

  6. Or perhaps the “intiative” works against fit-or-fold players the best but it completely bogus against an opponent who will play perfectly against you? Maybe that is how the spectrum works with “initiative”?

    1. I’m not sure what you are asking. The person with the betting lead often wins the pot and gets to polarize his range, allowing him to bluff more and win more pots. In general, the raiser also has the range advantage, so the opponent should often check to them.

  7. This hand indicates more the power of certain betting lies than anything else. Still, it is way to weak for me, since if you 3bet this pre you can do that with 80% of your hands. And sometimes your oponent does have that T or even just the 9 (( or even a higher pair) and just watches you hang yourself. You hardly discussed his possible holdings; what, if he calls and an overpair ( no clubs) shows on the river? If he knows how loose you are he might get there w any luck overcard.

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