Weekly Poker Hand #212


  • Avatar Kevin Jones says:

    Nice video… The gentleman with 6 3, played horribly.

  • Avatar Harry says:

    There is no video here. What gives???

  • Avatar Scotti Kunkel says:

    Thanks for sharing JL. All of this was very helpful , much of it affirmation today for me, which at 75bb effective…is encouraging. The Deep Stack training has really helped me fix DAY 1 leaks in my game. I look forward to playing hands post C-Bet. Which book did you cover “Minimum Defend Frequency”. I have all your books on Audible now. Really working in detail sifting through SHORT STACK CHAPTERS. JL-TPV1-CH12 40-27bb & JL-TPV1-CH13 27-15bb. Since you recommended all-in or fold poker at 12bb or less I’ve decided to first focus my 12bb-5bb study using your floattheturn.com push/fold App which is amazing. Having option up to 10-Handed / up to 20bb / Adjustable Ante / Table Tightness/Looseness Adjustment. Really helpful to see which hands you add add (while maintaining some balance) as you move closer to the BB. I’ll go back & review JL-TPV1-CH14 after I’ve memorized the charts on these 8 very important DAY 2 stack sizes. I also like that you show in your app the CALL an ALL-IN ranges right below. Very convenient.
    Keep Up The Good Work JL.

  • Avatar dw says:

    my ? is on the flop what is jd 10d js5d2h equity your poker logic is excellently but you never say what the equity is so I will flop equity is 40% range on turn with 10s equity is now 70% range river is 6s giving 65% range hero play using POE would bet flop 60% of pot make pot size bet on turn and bet 60% of pot no poker guesswork only play equity