First two weeks of the 2015 WSOP

ft with rob
Taking notes and getting tips at the $5000 final table

In this video, I share my thoughts from my first two weeks at the 2015 WSOP, including final tabling the $5,000 event and also launching my new multi-author book project, Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em. Even though the first two weeks started off fairly tough, the last few days have been amazing.

Thanks to everyone for the good luck wishes and for the kind words. I greatly appreciate them. Also thanks to both the authors and the fans who came by the Gripsed booth at the WSOP for the official launch of Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em. I couldn’t be happier!

If you like this type of video blog, let me know and I will continue making them. Rest assured, I will keep playing my best at the WSOP and will do my absolute best to bring home a bracelet. Thanks for watching!




2015-06-12 18.51.31
Chip counts going into the final table
2015-06-12 17.25.03
My stack!
2015-06-12 21.44.11
Excelling is amazing!
2015-06-13 16.05.03
I got this, plus $85,000, for my finish
2015-06-13 20.45.16
The launch of Excelling with Mike Sexton and Phil Hellmuth

11 thoughts on “First two weeks of the 2015 WSOP”

  1. Jonathan…great update on the series and sorry you didn’t go deeper in the $5k event. Like you said, you played well and sometimes luck isn’t on your side. Funny thing about poker though…the guy who was probably the weakest player of the final 8 won the tournament because he got lucky in the right spots (like the Q10d v. your rivered straight). Talk about a cooler!

    With I was in Vegas so I could get a copy of your book…Amazon isn’t shipping until July 🙁

    Best of luck in the coming weeks and congrats on the engagement!

    1. I actually thought about folding the straight when he raised. I thought his range was a straight or a flush, meaning I was calling for a chop at best. I doubt he is bluffing there much at all. Ohhhh well! All in all, I am happy with my play. Amazon is being slow for some reason. Bad beat!

  2. Jonathan great video. Thanks for the updates. Nice run in the 5k watched the whole stream. Loved the turn bet on the AK vs Milans AK hand, don’t see how he called. Loved the commentary you gave for the milly maker too. Hope the book does well. Love the mindset you got going right now, best of luck, and keep up the good work.


  3. I thought since you had the A of hearts you would fire a third bullet on the river representing the flush. An all-in bet there (about pot size, if I recall) would have been a sick play but I completely understand why you raised the white flag on the river. Did you think that A high would win the hand possibly? Would love to hear your thoughts on that hand…in fact, maybe that can be a future hand of the week podcast!

    1. I thought it was way too likely that he had a slowplayed ten or a hand like KQ, KJ, QJ, or J8 and would never fold. I also assumed he would fold underpairs and AK to my turn bet. I was aware I had the ace of hearts, but trying to represent a backdoor flush draw on a paired board usually isn’t a great idea.

  4. Hi Jonathan,

    Congratulations on the book launch AND your win in the 8-max. That is fantastic! I love your training materials; they have been so very helpful to my game. I was at the series for two weeks but didn’t do as well as I had wished so it’s back to [your :)] books!! I too wish I were there for the book launch as Amazon isn’t shipping until July. I wish you the very best for the remainder of the series and look forward to your next update video!!

  5. your videos, your books but most of all, your demeanor, makes your instruction inspirational.

    I follow your poker instruction. Next chapter is to follow your example

  6. Congrats on the Wins, engagement, and thanks for your optimistic books. I believe the greatest compliment one can give another is that you helped them in a positive way—Your books, tone of writing, Podcasts, and effort to give back has accomplished that on multiple areas in my life. As an added bonus — with many hours of studying your materials–I have bounced my game up to the next level. Any idea when the Audible ver. of “Excelling…” will come out. See you at the WSOP 2015 at the beginning of July!!!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it! I will have to make the audio version of Excelling, so it will not be until at least Sept. Be sure to say Hi when you see me!

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