Weekly Poker Hand #89

I flop the effective nuts and have to figure out how to get maximum value from my opponent’s likely marginal range.

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #89”

  1. Battulga Ganbold

    Hi Jonathan,

    I am writing from mongolia, maybe you dont know this country 🙂 anyway i am always read your post and it is quite usefull. I wanna be your one of student but dont know how and if i can support the fee, please contact me if you have time

  2. Congrats on the WPT! Not committing my stack in important sits is one of my weaker points. I’m thinking you may have had the AA possibility cross your mind as he raised in that spot. Get a lot from your videos and books. ?

  3. Thomas Witherspoon

    Enjoyed the hand and your analysis. This has happened to me more times than I care to remember. I like what you said about not losing all your chips is a win. As you know there’s always more than one way to play a hand and everybody is different. What I would like to see more of is more analysis of alternate ways of playing a hand. For example, what would you have done if your opponent had continued betting the turn and river and enough to bet you all in? Or what would you do if he had check raised? And of course the size of the bets and/or check raise is also important.

    1. The problem with discussing how each thing could go is there are TONS of ways each hand could play out. If opponent continued betting, I would not fold top pair, top kicker most of the time. If he check-raised on the turn, it would be a nasty spot but I probably wouldn’t fold. I don’t like folding hands that are at or near the top of my range without a really good reason.

  4. Well done with WPT Champions Challenge JL.

    I think I’d have ck river as he raised UTG. Do you fold / call / push if he ck raises / pushes river?

  5. JL ignore above.
    I watched this again and think you played it well. I was thinking you only get called by better hand but the way you priced both bets so small, you always get called by KQ and smaller pairs. Really like that bet sizing.

  6. I would have definitely checked the River with Top Pair Top Kicker against this UTG raiser (even though he is semi-active). Yes, you might get the call a few times and win, but you’ll lose much more often to anything over a pair or could get reraised and would have to fold without ever knowing what the opponent had. Isn’t the bet a losing play in the long run, or is it only considered profitable in a tournament as opposed to a cash game? And, as always, thanks for the lessons!

    1. In this spot, given the way the hand played out, I think the opponent’s range is mainly AK, KQ, and worse pocket pairs. I am fine with the value bet. I imagine it gets called by a worse hand way more than 50% of the time.

  7. Thanks Jonathan. I believe it’s always good to see and understand how hands develop and getting your prospective. Thanks to you and your willingness to share your knowledge I am finally realizing how much more potential I have. The last few tournaments I’ve played has revealed my true potential for winning. Love the books and your site.

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