Weekly Poker Hand #8

I demonstrate a play that isn’t used too often in no-limit hold’em. Watch as I show you how I clean up my equity.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #8”

  1. Jonathan you said that folding the 99 after the flop is a good move but what about
    his choice to call the 9 9 pre flop facing a raise, 3 callers plus first to act after the flop.. can he ever make that situation profitable?

    What would you do, if u were in his position?

    1. I like his preflop call. He is calling mainly to flop a set. If he misses a set, he can somewhat safely fold. If he reraises, if he happens to be behind before the flop, he will lose a ton of money. As played, he lost almost nothing.

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