Weekly Poker Hand #78

I decide to slow play QQ versus a tricky reg. Would you have played the hand as I did or would you have tried to maximize value?

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #78”

  1. That was a great hand, very well played, you could have extracted more from it. You started by saying that he was creative, that would tell me he would do things like check the flop with top pair good kicker oop, which is what he did. His bet on the turn was to get you off hands like flush or straight draws or to make you pay for them. So your call pre was awesome, because it disguised the strength of your hand and made him think he had the nuts from the start.

  2. Jonathan,

    Love the podcast. Just one comment on this episode…you didn’t mention the board at all so I was left wondering what the cards were. Since I only have an opportunity to listen to these on my drive to work, it helps 🙂

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