Weekly Poker Hand #54

I trust my reads and make a huge fold near the bubble of a $2,000 event. Would you have made the same fold?

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #54”

  1. Very interesting hand. Tough laydown and good read: given that his range probably only includes Kc-Qc and Qc-9c for a flush, he must be shoving the river with a full house or quads.

    I agree that your turn bet is a bit smallish and it would be better to make it a little bigger to set yourself up for a river shove. However…..it works out really well in this case because the smaller turn bet allows you to get away from the hand when the river pairs the board. Would this be a valid argument to make a smaller turn bet to still have the option of folding the river (also given the tournament situation and being on the bubble)? Or is this too cautious and not getting enough value in the long run?

  2. I agree with the fold and the Mike above me. You made one of those very pro lay-downs that you have to, to be a pro. But taking everything into consideration with him being excited about the hand, calling all the way to the river his hands could only look like QQ or JJ. Most people aren’t excited to play KQ because they tend to get dominated quickly. This is a great hand to show that if the situation is correct you can fold almost anything.

    Keep those hands coming.

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