Weekly Poker Hand, Episode 44

In this episode, I show you how to play a premium made hand on a draw-heavy board when you get raised on the flop.
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  • GingerNinja says:

    In a majority of the live, local casino, small buy in ($250+) tournaments I play in I run across a large majority of players who are on the older side (60yrs +) and are very nitty. In a situation similar to the one you describe above and replacing the splashy player with a nit, would you still lean towards shoving all in (lets assume the nit has a little bit of aggression, but nothing crazy)? Or does the fact that you are up against the NIT sway your decision to calling the raise and re-evaluating the turn, banking on your ability to read the nitty opponent and feel confident that you can make a good fold if it comes to that?

    • Versus a nit, I would be even more prone to reraise because when they raise, you can be confident they are not bluffing. That being said, you will find some nits who will raise AJ on JTx and then fold to a reraise, so against those players, calling becomes much better. I am certainly not trying to fold TT and I am VERY happy to get all-in with it.

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