Weekly Poker Hand #38

I make a huge call in a $10,000 buy-in event with only A-high for all of my chips. When you think you have your opponent’s range crushed, don’t be afraid to make a big call.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #38”

  1. I’m enjoying your podcasts. Keep em up. Your plays and explanations show me I’m a TAG but should loosen up in my cash games. I’m reading your no limit cash game book which confirms my TAG image. It’s costing me a lot of large pots cause they fold often to my raises.

    1. It is important to make an image such that you get paid off when you are fortunate enough to make a strong hand. I am glad my podcast and books have helped you come to that realization. Good luck in your games!

  2. This video is really great. I’ve been learning poker recently. Very amateur playing poker, so trying to become professional in it! This video poker moves are indeed fantastic. I did enjoy watching this.

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