Weekly Poker Hand #33

I show you a difficult spot with middle pair versus a loose, aggressive player. I discuss how to play against opponents who like to bluff when the board is somewhat bad for your range.

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1 thought on “Weekly Poker Hand #33”

  1. I think this is a mistake I make often and just assume the guy has me beat when he three barrels and I am holding middle pair. When looking at it closely like now with you analyzing it, the only hands that make sense for him to be holding is a K, or pocket AA, TT, 77 & 44. If he just had a pair of tens, like AT, JT suited, he should be either checking the turn, and/or the river, because of the K on the turn. The only other possibility of semi-bluffing would be Ax or QJ of clubs, it seems like all other hands he turned the K into a great card to bluff. The problem is Jonathan is figuring this out, because villians range is weighted towards bluffs/semi bluffs.

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