Weekly Poker Hand #28

I show you a situation from a $1,500 WSOP event where I got lucky but failed to win as much as possible. Did I play it poorly?

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #28”

  1. What do you think of your opponents call on the turn? This is a spot where I’m pretty much going broke every time if I’m him – I’d be raising the turn to charge any straight / flush draws in your range and to get value from KQ (your most likely holding I think)…

    1. I am fine with his turn call. If I have worse than KQ and he raises, I will almost certainly fold, which would be a disaster for him because those hands are nearly dead. He also doesn’t have to worry too much about the draws because in order for me to have a draw, I had to bet the flop into two people with a backdoor draw, then I had to turn it, and then I would have to get there on the river. That is a huge parlay. If I have KQ or AA, he will likely be able to extract full value on the river when it isn’t a spade and when a spade does come, I may be inclined to bluff with whatever bluffs are in my range, which shouldn’t be too many and when it doesn’t, he can get value from AK and KJ when I either check-call or bet-fold. Either way, I like the way he played his hand.

  2. Thanks – that makes sense. I guess my worry was allowing you the free card with your drawing hands and also the potential for you to triple barrel with air when a scare card comes on the river and being in a tough spot. But bluffs/semi bluffs should only be a small part of your range here so agree now that his call keeps your range wide, And means he can call all rivers without risking his entire stack

  3. Hey Jonathan, I’m curious to know how you would have proceeded if the button raised to $750. Would it be an easy fold since your QQ would rarely improve or would you pay to see the turn with hopes to check-fold to any bet on the turn? Thanks

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