Weekly Poker Hand #257

Harlan turns a pair with a flush draw. What more could he want in life?!?

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #257”

  1. Jonathan, I understand his best case was 30% against these exact hands, but in an instance when you are reasonably sure that you have 30% equity and are getting the same price to draw, should you always call/fold? It would seem that in the long run you are no better off calling vs folding and so the decision is whether to reduce variance vs others perspective they can push you around. Much appreciated.

    1. It depends on the spot. First, don’t forget about the money that can be bet later. In general though, I like calling in break-even spots because I am properly bankrolled and I would prefer people generally take the cautious approach against me because they “know” I am going to call.

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